Tuesday, August 19, 2008

To know or not to know

Ok I'm in a predicament.

Serena is home and she's fine. (pissed off at me, but fine) Wendy (vet) is pretty confident that she got the entire tumor. I have not yet said "send the sample in"... I have a week to decide. I don't know what to do... if it's cancer then she goes down to the UofM to oncology (? is that right?) to see what they think and then start her on chemo. I don't think I'd put her through chemo, though. Serena is 10 years old... it won't prolong her life that much longer and what kind of life would it be?
So if I know its cancer then what? I obsess over the fact that she has cancer... knowing she'll die from it and I sit and wait for the inevitable.
Now... without knowing the results, then what? Am I going to obsess about it? Am I going to watch her every move to see if maybe she's showing signs of cancer?

The cost of the test isn't a problem at all.

There is a very good chance it is cancer. It usually is in cats.

Basically... what would you do? Would you want to know? What would you do with the results?


Melany said...

It's hard to say. You know I love animals too but I think you should let mother nature takes its course at this point. I wouldn't put her through all that chemo if I were you! Good luck on the decision though. You did a good thing but getting the tumor out...and now it's mother natures turn.

Rae said...

Some times not knowing is a very good thing. It probably is benign, so just think that way, and keeep her and you happy.

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi! If it were me, I would want to know. I think not knowing would be worse. If it turns out to be cancer, I would not put her through chemo. I won't do that to my own baby. Even though you are confused now, I think knowing would else your mind and you can deal with what may lay ahead.

I wouldn't treat her any differently then your treat her now. You are already showering her with lots of love and attention.

Good luck, take care and give her lots of hugs. It will do you both good.

MissMelissa said...

Ber, knowing you as I do...I'd say have it sent off so you know either way. You'd drive yourself nuts not knowing and wanting to know, even though you don't want to know. Just find out one way or the other and go from there. Love and hugs to you and Serena baby.

Tootie said...

I think I would want to know, so that I could be prepared, if it is cancer. You would be able to watch for signs and possibly help her more to make her comfortable. She is a beautiful kitty! I have a feeling she'll be fine.