Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Grocery stores should not be allowed to sell flower bulbs. It should be a law, I swear. Sunday I was at the store with Demon #1 and there it stood - a display filled with a huge variety of bulbs. Pink, blue, yellow... big flowers, little flowers....

OMG They have white tiger lilies!

I've never heard of them before. I have regular tiger lilies in my yard - my favorite flower. Love tiger lilies. Absolutely love them. It's an obsession of some sort.

And now white tiger lilies?

I'm screwed....

Look at the box... in Minnesota you can plant them as early as.... April! (check your calendar... it's April!!!!)

Demon #1 found her favorites and we walked out with 5 boxes of bulbs. Now where to plant them.

Springtime brings out my addiction of flowers. I love planting flowers... I also love roses. Don't buy me cut roses, I hate that - but you can buy me a rose bush! I can't guarantee it will still be alive come next spring, but I'll plant it anyway. I always buy a new rose bush every year, but it in a different spot in my yard and enjoy beautiful roses all summer long.

Then the bush dies over the winter.

And I buy another in spring.

And the husband gets mad.

I love spring!


Karen said...

I wish I had a green thumb like you. I have to admire flower gardens from afar. If I even look at them the wrong way, they start to wilt. LOL!!!

Amy said...

I could never get my rose bushes to survive the winter either. Hope you found a spot to plant the 5 boxes of bulbs you bought. lol

Jerinda said...

I love spring too! Great assignment.