Friday, January 11, 2008

It's 1am and she's blogging? What is she doing?

Not sleeping, that's for sure. Demon #2 has been waking me up since 11:30 whining about a sore throat, fever and stuffy nose. What can I do about it? Go lay on the couch... geez. Why wake me up? Does that make you feel better?

Ironically the kid has a doctors appointment at 8:30 tomorrow this morning for a meds check-up/blood work follow-up, so I guess the doc can see if she's dying from some strange cough-due-to-cold disease, too. And they better not try to give me antibiotics a day into a stuffy nose/fever cold either ... but I doubt our doc will - she knows me well enough now. I won't give my kids antibiotics unless they are dying from an infection. They need all the immune system they can get, I don't break it down with a drug if the body can fight off the infection itself.

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Holly said...

Mine are 19 and 11; I can SO relate to this!! This site's going on my faves. Nice to "meet" you!