Saturday, December 13, 2008

I think the husband wants me dead

I swear either he wants me dead or he loves to see me in pain... or I've just had a very bad weekend.

Yesterday we went to the store to get a new thermostat for our furnace. While we were there we picked up a few other items. Let's start with the thermostat, pretty normal routine of picking that out and placing it in the bottom of the cart.

Now we're on our way to the pet section to grab some dog food. Pit stop in the windshield washer fluid section. We buy this crap by the case because I have this obsession with a clean windshield. The husband tells me to grab the thermostat out of the bottom of the cart so we don't squish it with the case of fluid. I reach my hand down in the cart and instead of waiting for me to actually have the thermostat out of the fricken cart, he starts to put the fluid box in the cart. My hand isn't free of the box and the fricken box top rips and he drops the box... right onto my hand. Dammit. Ouch. It's just one finger after the pain subsides... but a throbbing finger. Don't want to cry in the store so I suck it up and deal with it. But it hurts.

So we get the dog food and he decides he wants a new snow shovel. I head down to the clothes to see whats on sale and we meet up about 10 minutes later. We go to the checkout and start checking out. He says "watch out" and moves the shovel towards me... right into my head! A shovel upside the head... yeah that hurts. Now I'm just pissed. Hurt finger, hurt head. I want to just cry.

Then today. Yep, it carries on the whole weekend. We went with a friend to pick up a donkey for the church Christmas program tomorrow. No, not a real donkey... a fake real-life looking one. So this thing has felt/carpet fur that is covered in hay & dirt. (The donkey was in a barn, go figure.) We are vacuuming the donkey with the vacuum hose in church when the husband decides we'll put the floor attachment on so the rollers can "fluff" the fur. I'm cleaning one of the hooves and I hear him say "look out". Is he talking to me or our friend? I don't know, I'm knelt down on the ground minding my own business. Then I feel my hair being sucked up and twisted around the roller of the vacuum.

I've had a very bad weekend.


Susan said...

You poor thing! Hmmmm, he hasn't taken any recent insurance policies out on you has he? I'm just saying....

NurseExec said...

Oh, girl. The vacuum thing would've sent me over the edge, LOL!

Amber said...

He got your hair in the floor attatchtment?!
Oh my, I say you hibernate in bed, it's not worth it to get out of it anymore!!

Jodi said...

Seems like Murphy's Law attacked you this weekend!

This line is my favorite because it is just so natural...and funny at the same time!

"I'm cleaning one of the hooves"