Friday, November 21, 2008

Did you know...??

That now you can search for my designs per shop? I know you are looking for that perfect t-shirt, mug or heck.. you want a sticker, right? It's the perfect thing for Christmas shopping!

Try it out...

Say you want something from our main variety shop,, which basically has something for everyone... type something in... see what you come up with!
Search InsanityWear:
Not you? Ok, so are you a snowmobiler? Try searching SledderWear for something for your snowmobile addict:
Search SledderWear:
Still not you? Ok fine. You are a fisherman, right? Maybe a hunter? Well try our 3rd shop... go ahead.. put something in the search box!
Search TheFishingBowl:
and these search boxes are right on the store pages, too! No more excuses on not being able to find that perfect gift.

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