Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - 10.8

Shhh I know it's supposed to be wordless, but I just have to brag --- yesterday I put my leopard print flannel sheets on our bed for the first time! I love flannel sheets and finding leopard print was a huge bonus for me!
Fall is in the air... and I'm nice and warm at night now.


Mojo said...

Takin' a walk on the wild side are you?

Nice composition in this shot... And a great mood too.

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Lapa37 said...

My mom would just love to have that she is really big on the animal print stuff. I personally am into the whole flannel sheet thing I love how they feel.Happy WW

Kimber said...


Jennifer said...

That looks warm and cozy... and a little sexy. Warm up the fall nights in more ways.

Anonymous said...

Gggrrrrrrrrrr. Looks good.