Friday, October 10, 2008

Food 4 Thoughts

Food 4 Thought Friday ~ This week's questions

Would you rather be really hot or really cold? - I guess really hot? Who would want to be cold?

Name three things (modern conveniences) you could not live without?

1. Indoor Plumbing. An outhouse wouldn't bother me so much. We use one when we go out to the lake in the summer... it's not that big of a deal. But I could not handle taking a bath in a big tub that had to have water boiled/warmed up... and then share the water. Nope, that I wouldn't want to to do. Send me down to the lake/river and I'd take a bath there first.
2. Fingernail polish remover. I hate waiting for it to wear off by itself. It takes months sometimes.
3. Peanut Butter Cups. Need I explain why?

If you were the eighth dwarf, what would your name be?
- Cutey hysterical2.gif

Midnight SnackWould you rather live to be 100 and sick, or live to be 50 (dying from a freak accident) and healthy? - depends on the sick. Am I sick, miserable, needing to be taken care of? Then kill me off at 50. Am I sick, just feel like crap all the time but still have moments when I can enjoy my children, grandchildren and friends? Then bring on the germs.

Recipe for this Week (instead of your recipe for life - what is it for just this week?) - there's nothing you can't do, some things just take a little longer.

PLEASE PLAY !!!! Come on you know you want to!

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Kimber said...

Nail polish remover Ber? Seriously. LOL You goob!

Kittilicious said...

Well I thought of a stove, but I could just use a campfire and/or grill.
I thought of a washer, but well.... if you can do it.
I thought of electricity but there's always candles.

Jodi said...

Not sure about the fingernail polish remover--- though I DO understand the peanut butter cups!!! Oh yeah! I seriously would hate to go through life without those! I can't believe I didn't think of that one...I even left off chocolate altogether. After I read others, then I want to go back and re-do mine! lol

Great fun answers! Thanks for playing!