Thursday, August 14, 2008

My letter to me

My Thursday Thunk....

Dear 18 year old self,

Shape the hell up you stupid idiot.

Pretty harsh, huh? Well, its the truth. You are a moron. First off, listen to your father and go to college for computers. I don't care what with computers, just go. I know you don't have any interest in them and turning them on is too confusing, but just believe me. Sure, Joyce is actually on your side on this one but for once - Dad is right. Amazing, yes I know, but just listen to him. Believe it or not, in 15 years your life will revolve around computers. You will even be making money because of them... but it takes you 15 years, so stop being an idiot and go to college.

When the 2 guys walk into the cafe the night that that strange guy is freaking you out - go ahead and ask them to stay but then forget about them. Seriously... especially the blonde, just forget you ever saw him. I really don't know how your life will turn out if you listen to me, but you'll at least avoid 2 years of hell on earth.

If you are reading this during the "Jason break up time" - suck it up. Quit your fricken crying and eat something other than oatmeal cream pies... you don't like them and you never will. Eating them won't bring him back. But time will... yeah, you end up with him in the end.

Follow those few little things and the things you screwed up on should be fixed. The rest is all ok. If you do forget the blonde... don't find another reason to move out. Stay at Dad & Joyce's and take the accident settlement and bank it. Don't spend it in a month... but as long as you forget the blonde, a good chunk of it won't be spent right away.

Don't burn your diaries. You spent years writing them... don't burn them. Your memory sucks and you pretty much forget everything that was probably written in them, so just keep them. I don't care how embarrassed you are about stupid stuff you wrote, don't burn them. It's not worth it.

Thats about it.

Oh... and yeah, the rumors are true.... there is a sibling out there somewhere, so you can stop stressing about it. You'll meet him in a few years. Yep, it's a boy. He's pretty cool - cooler than you imagined the make-believe little sister to be. (yep, you really aren't the baby... but you get over that as soon as you meet him)

Oh... one more thing. Don't let Murray outside anymore. Keep him an inside cat. You might get an extra year or so with him that way. It's quite a ways down the road, but just keep him inside.


Kimber said...

Good letter!

Rae said...

I've always told Kimber she should listen to her Dad, where were you so I could tell you that too!?!
It's a great letter. Too bad we can't go back and change things, but then how would things turn out? We are who we are because of our life experiences. So be happy with who you are right now.