Friday, July 11, 2008

Yeah baby! Which Breed Of Dog Is Most Aggressive?

*snaps her fingers* Yeah baby... TAKE THAT!

sorry... I'm over it now, but you can bet I've got a BIG SMILE on my face!

Citing a study published by Applied Animal Behavior Science, the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph reported that one in five dachshunds has bitten or tried to bite strangers, and one in 12 has shown aggression toward its owners.
Dude! 1 in 5????

Ranking below the dachshund was an even smaller dog, the Chihuahua. According to the newspaper, research found that the tiny breed often snaps at most beings it encounters -- including its owners, strangers and other dogs.

The Jack Russell terrier was third, followed by the Akita and the Australian cattle dog. The pit bull was sixth
, followed by the beagle, the English springer spaniel, the border collie and the German shepherd.
The pit bull just 6th? OMG Why oh why isn't it #1???

The Telegraph reported that researchers said previous studies on canine aggression could have been misleading as most bites from smaller dogs were not reported. According to the researchers, bites from larger dogs were more likely to require medical attention than those from smaller dogs.
Thank you! Seriously, more people need to realize this.

According to the Telegraph, the Rottweiler, which is widely believed to be an aggressive dog, scored average to below average ratings for its hostility toward strangers.

The newspaper reported that some of the lowest scoring breeds for aggression included the Basset hound, golden retriever, Labradors, Siberian huskies and greyhounds.
Saki says; "I could have told you that"

Here's the story link

Now how about we take this Breed Specific Legislation bullshit and shove it up someone's ass. Either that or start banning those damn dachshunds.

I have nothing against dachshunds, btw, so don't anyone come running at me with rawhide bones and beat me. I hate these studies usually, but I like this one because it deals with ALL breeds, not just large breeds.

I tell ya what... I am more worried about Chico the killer Pomeranian biting someone than I am Saki. Saki might break a vein in your leg from the whap of her tail, but she won't bite you.


Jenny said...

Awwww....Saki, Max and Molly are so proud of themselves!!!

Kittilicious said...

Feels pretty good to have the bestest breed out there, doesn't it?

There's a new baby down the street - the neighbor had to put his golden to sleep after 16 years! SIXTEEN!!!
He went and found a new golden bundle soon after.

Jenny said...

Sweet Jesus! SIXTEEN?????????? I've been soothing myself, thinking I only had 10 more years of this. Bugger. :)