Friday, July 18, 2008

Thursday Thunks Version 7.17 - my answer

Since Kimber took over my Thursday Thunk, I'd better answer it, huh? And hush, I know it's Friday. Sue me.

She came up with: recurring dreams.
Have you ever had one? What was it about? Why do you think you kept having it?

Whenever I think of recurring dreams I think of bears, sleestaks and stairs. Not always in that order. Actually, never at the same time, either. Ever.

Bears. I think bears are cute. I collect nicknacks of bears. I love teddy bears and I even call my youngest demon "Bear". I'm fascinated by bears... always loved them. I thought Grizzly Addams was the luckiest man in the world because Ben followed him around day after day.

And never tried to eat him.

I dream of bears often. They are stalking the house I'm in (never my own house ... why is that?) and they are bouncing their paws off of the windows and the doors. Trying to get in... trying to get to me. I'm scared to death because... for cripes sake - it's a bear! It's huge and it's snarling and those big ass claw things it has on his paws.. it's gonna have me for breakfast!

I always wake up before they get in... so maybe it's Ben afterall and he just wants to follow me around in my dreams... I never stay sleeping long enough to find out.

Or maybe he's coming to protect me from the sleestaks.

The sleestak dreams came along long before the bear dreams, though, so I suppose Ben isn't trying to save me. Strange thing though, I'm always the age I am while I'm dreaming. I can remember being young in the dreams.. it's been a long time. It's always the same house, the house I was born in. I'm hiding behind my dad's big brown leather recliner and the sleestaks are hissing and coming towards me. I'm trying to be as small as I can so they won't see me, but they do anyway. Then come Enik - the good sleestak - and he takes my hand, we walk out of the house and there is a pylon in my front yard. End of the dream.

Stairs. I always have dreams about stairs. Usually it's in the Jr High school that I went to. There were 4 flights of stairs when I was there (the building is now history and homes sit on the property) but in my dreams there has got to be 10 flights. They never end! And I never can remember which fricken class I'm supposed to be at.

If I knew why I kept having these dreams, I'd figure out a way to quit having them. Maybe I'm just boring and can't come up with any new dream material.. .who knows.

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