Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Don't storms sleep?

So it was 2:30 am and I was sleeping... so were the girls. Trucker was awake making his lunch for work when BOOM! The strangest sounding thunder shook the whole house, the wind picked up INSTANTLY and the rain started pouring in the windows like someone was spraying a hose into the house.
I fly outta bed, take the fan out of our bedroom window, shut it and run my now fully awake, but not happy in the slightest, ass upstairs to get the fan out of Krissy's window. She's awake and already has it all under control. She's bitching she was sleeping really good. Yeah, join the club.
I go downstairs and Taryn is talking to Trucker... it woke her up too. I swear it had to have woken everyone in town up.
So it's 3:30 now... Trucker is off to work, I have 2 girls who are wide awake watching the Flintstones in the living room and every time I almost fall asleep the dog wants to try to go outside again. Wimpy dog doesn't want to get wet. She'll jump in a lake, but she woke piss in the rain.

Makes no sense.

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