Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Blenders... Aisle 3

So we have had this Kitchen Aid blender. Got it quite a few years ago, but it still looks brand new (shows how much I use a blender). When we bought it we went with the "better, more expensive" model because it was supposed to crush ice. It never crushed ice decent. My old cheap blender did a better job (which I can't remember what we had! Grrr).
The other night I was making chocolate peanut butter shakes (did you expect anything different?) and Demon #2 wanted to help. Fine. She wanted to mix it. What excitement that is, I don't know, all you do is push a button. She proceeds to do just as I do - push the button and set her hand on top of the blender just in case the cover flies off and busts a hole in the ceiling and sprays chocolate peanut butter ice cream all over the place... safety first, ya know.
All of a sudden something stinks. Oh shit. She's not only setting her hand on top.... she's pushing down on it. Yep. She ground off all the plastic spikey things that make the blender go round and round.
Not her fault... monkey see, monkey do... only she didn't realize mommy-monkey doesn't hold it down, I just set my hand on there out of habit.

So... we need a new blender. The husband thinks we can maybe just get the part but it looks like it would take a brain surgeon to put it in. I'm just going to hunt for a new blender. I never really liked that one anyway.

What do you have? Do you like it? Any you suggest?

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Jenny said...

We have the Oster Osterizer. I got a red one, so it's real purdy and shiney, too! Blends ice like a champ...other blenders we've had didn't do so well. I hardly ever use it...I need to get on those milkshakes!!!