Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Silly Monkey Stories Take 1

Karen over at 3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires has started up a meme about Silly Monkeys. She started it last week, but I was such a slacker I spaced it off. So this is my first time participating.

This is a great idea for a meme... and I think what I find most silly about it all is.... Karen. Why Karen? Because she is still in the silly monkey stage. So therefore, I am calling her my silly monkey. She has adorable little monkeys where I, on the other hand, have raging baboons.

There is nothing silly about raising baboons. Today, for example, I have spent most of my time trying to figure out the logic between my baboons. They hate each other, they fight and scream and kick and... oh, Demon #1 punched Demon #2 in the nose today...

... but yet I sit here and I'm listening to them downstairs and they are ... actually.getting.along.

I say that slowly because it can change in a moments notice.

I guess it's silly how baboons can draw blood from each other and laugh about it while they are doing it.

Silly monkeys? No... we'll just call them raging baboons for this meme.


Kimber said...

Sounds like it's been fun at your house today.

Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

I know someday my little monkeys will be babboons. I'm not looking forward to it because these little monkeys already argue quite a lot.

Sandy C. said...

Ah....nothing like sibling rivalry :)

My husband and I may have another one soon so our daughter can have someone else to torture besides us ;)