Monday, May 12, 2008

Bubble Fun

I am really slacking on the whole picture taking thing, ain't I?

Mother's Day was relaxing.. went out to eat with my parents, got the girls' haircuts, stopped at a Dollar Store where they had to have bubbles (how old are they?) and who am I to resist the whining of children in a store? So we came home, the husband mowed the lawn and I watched the girls play with bubbles.

Did you know they make scented bubbles? Who the frick cares what they smell like? These particular bubbles smell like blueberry... and according to Demon #1, taste like them too.

And this is my Mother's Day present.

This is for the Weekend Snapshot meme and the Weekly Winners. I could double-post the 2 pictures I posted for Wordless Wednesday last week... but I won't. I'll just link both of them. #1 (Saki through a window) and #2 (turtles on the grass). Or you could just scroll down, it would probably be easier and less work for your mouse-clicking finger.

Just trying to make things easier for ya....


ces said...

belated happy mother's day to you! looks like the kids had so much fun bubbling around!

abie said...

looks like you reallyhad one fun weekend...

mine is up too, hope you can check it out.

happy WS!!

ghee said...

that looks cool and fun!

happy WS!MINE`S UP here!


tigerfish said...

Those are really huge bubbles :)

Happy WS.

Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

I STILL love bubbles! :-D

Anonymous said...