Thursday, April 03, 2008

Workin' before the sun comes up

I hate it when I wake up when the husband leaves for work. More often than not I can't get back to sleep... so I started working.

Thanks for the Rebate Check!What Rebate Check?
Tax Rebate Check
So George Bush is sending us a check this year.... economic stimulus they say. What are you spending yours on? I'd say buy this t-shirt and let them know where the rest of it is going!

Tax Rebate Check - Bank
The check does us a lot of good if we can't afford to drive to the bank to cash it!

What Rebate Check?
Is your stimulus rebate check gone before you get it just to fill up your gas tank? We feel your pain... and we've got the t-shirt to prove it.

Thanks for the Rebate Check!
Where's your rebate check going? Into your gas tank? With the price of gas & fuel going up, there's no question where that money is going!


Kitty said...

Ok now those are gonna sell like hotcakes.I think I'll get one for Joe for father's Day and maybe for my dad too lol Love them!

Kittilicious said...

LOL Thats the plan! I hope they sell... I did some searching this morning and there aren't many t-shirts about this money we are getting vs the gas prices, so I'm hoping for some big bucks!!