Monday, April 21, 2008

Starving Dog Art.... art?

I got this email today from a cousin of mine. It was about some guy/artist named Guillermo Vargas, who took a dog off the street, tied it up and put it in an art exhibit and let it die of starvation - a form of "art".

I went directly to because, come on... who seriously would do this to a dog, right? And who would actually stand by, after paying money to see art, and watch this poor dog die? - Starving Dog Art

Sadly, part of it may be true. It hasn't been discounted.

In the email I received there were 6 pictures total of this dog in the exhibit. It's heartbreaking and very disturbing. Why would anyone walk past this "art" and not untie it and take it home... give it some food, a bath and lots of love? How many people walked by and did nothing?

The good news is, no dog was put in as a replacement once this dog died. It was a one time thing.

Thank God.

But in it says that the artists point of the exhibit was to show how hypocrital people are.

Boom. Someone just hit me in the chest.

His point was - you take a dog, put it on display and refuse to feed it.. emails go around the world, people scream and cry and protest - wanting him out of the art world for doing such a thing.

But would we have stopped and given this dog... this same dog... the time of day or a second thought if we had seen it on the street starving, just as the artist had on the day he chose him? Some of us would, some of us would not.

But... is this art? No, no way in hell. But it is one helluva message this guy sent!


Jenny said...

Yikes. I don't care about his message, really. I think that's shitty and it made me sick to my stomach. Get the message across another way, please. Couldn't this guy be arrested for animal cruelty or something?

Kittilicious said...

I know, it is pretty shitty, but the message is still clear.

It's a different country and from what said there are no animal cruelty laws there? I think thats what it said.

It's pathetic really.

SledChick said...

Ditto what Jenny said. It's shitty. I would throw the dog some chow, then call animal control. In fact, I've done it before.

This guy is the total hypocrite--just using this excuse to get world-wide exposure if you ask me. If he'd left the dog on the street at least there was the potential of finding food. Being tied up and purposefully denied food is something else entirely--and definately qualifies as animal abuse.

~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

There has to be a better way to get the message out! Sacrificing a dog at the dog's expense only proves he's an abusive jerk in my opinion. And anyone who paid money to see that is morbid. Their money would have been better spent at a local animal shelter, or better yet adopt one of those starving animals and buy it food, show it love... Those people are no better than the artist!

Anonymous said...

OMg that makes me sick.....seriously I wanna throw up. I hate hearing stories like that. Art my ass....