Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Project Looking Through - Mom

A new project started up over at a blog I just recently discovered thanks to Karen!. It's called Project Looking Through (PLT). It took me all day to figure out something to do... but I did and I'm pretty proud if I can say so myself!

This is really the only picture I have of my mom, a decent pic anyway. I wrote about her & pictures awhile back. It's in my bookshelf, which is enclosed in glass - so I have to look through the glass to see the picture.

Also included in this picture is the stuffed kitty that I got from my brother when I was 16, which I refer to as my "Bunkie kitty".

The tiger baby is in memory of my best friends baby that passed away at the age of 9 days - her name was Katarina, which I called her KittyKat.. being the cat freak that I am. How dare my best friend name her daughter something with "Kat" in it and not expect me to get KittyKat from that! :)

There is also a knick-knack of a dalmatian & another one that is a golden retriever - for my dalmatian, Smokey, that I had when I was little and the golden... my Max, which I've talked about here, also.


Karen said...

That's a nice photo. I like that it has meaning for you.

See I knew you could think of something!!!

Carletta said...

Good Job!
I've had to think all day too about how to approach it. I'm finally ready to post later this evening.
It should be fun - glad you joined.

Mark said...

A lot of excellent sentimental value for you in this one. Thanks for participating in PLT!

Dette said...

How cool! And sentimental at that. :)

Happy WW!