Friday, April 11, 2008

"Mom, they are playing 'Let It Snow' on the radio!"

Lemme run and check the calendar... April 11th. I'm not dreaming. Didn't they say spring began a couple weeks ago?

They are playing "Let It Snow" on the radio?

Yes they were.

And they were, for good reason. Yesterday morning it was bare ground, yesterday afternoon it was raining. Last night they canceled the spring concert at school (Demon #2 was not happy!) and at 9pm last night it was thundering & lightning.... but it was snowing.

Yes, we got snow... and there is more coming yet. Too bad the husband is at work... hopefully it will stick around until the morning so he can do some last minute snowmobiling before it all melts away.

Oh yeah - and there's no school today. Poor mommy.

Got one more to add to the mix....
I just took this... this is the door from the garage to the backyard where the doggie-door is. I couldn't figure out why the dogs wouldn't go through the door this morning... then I opened it. Saki "plowed" her way back through the door later on so it's useable again.


Karen said...

That's a great photo of your dogs! They look perplexed about what to do with all the snow.

ericat said...

Snow what is it. White stuff that is so pretty on a picture. - but I did see some snow this year. I even wrote about it. Your husband will not get far on it though. Your photos are lovely. My theory is that is not the camera it is the operator behind the camera. Why is it that snow pictures are so pretty?