Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Manic Monday - another first! *BUD*

Shhh... don't look at the calendar... for a moment let's pretend it's still yesterday.

I've been seeing the Manic Monday meme all over the place for the last few weeks, but never actually clicked on a link to take myself there. Probably because I knew what would happen.
I'd do it.
The rules are fairly simple:
Visit It's A Blog Eat Blog World any time after 4pm EST on Fridays to discover Monday's theme word. This will be a word with multiple definitions.

Use one of the definitions to inspire your Manic Monday Post = perhaps a photograph, a story, a joke, or a stream of consciousness paragraph inspired by the word. Be creative, and have fun with it.
This week the word is "Bud". I thought ok, I'll have to do this next week, it will be kinda fun. Then laying in bed last night I thought about it... I already did Bud and I did it on Monday!
Yesterday, my Camera Critters choice was a picture of Demon #1 and Oliver.... who she calls Buddy! I already had my bud and didn't even know it.
I should have went with the other things I was thinking of, too. Bud, as in best bud, which is my bestest friend in the whole world, Missy. Or my best never-met-in-person bud, Kimberella. I guess Oliver is one of Taryn's buds, since she calls him Buddy.

I think the world needs more buds.


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

The world does need more buds. Very well done. Hope your MM was awesome. :)

Mo said...

Great first Manic Monday post!
Look forward to your future endeavors with the MM words!
Manic Mo