Monday, April 07, 2008

Fishing, stuff and how I love what I do.

The husband & I were talking the other day and he said that if we won the Powerball on Saturday he wouldn't go into work on Monday... I replied; "yeah, me neither". A joke, of course, being that I work from home. He looked at me and said; "you would too, you love what you do".

I do. I really do.

And he's right - I would go to work Monday morning, because... well, I like it.

I know not many people can honestly say that they love their job/work, but I can.

So you saw the trampoline pictures from the weekend... I forgot to mention that we just bought it for the demons. As we were walking through the store, the husband & I were finding all sorts of different lawn games and such that would be perfect for out at the lake.

The snow melts and the itch begins... we want to be out there. The demons want to be out there.

Demon #1 mentioned to me the other day that she was going to need some new fishing shirts for this summer. Yep, the girls love to fish. We always joked that Demon #1 could catch a fish in a puddle because she's caught a fish on a bare hook before. Not kidding - a bare fricken hook and she caught a fish. We aren't sure how. The rest of us have given up fishing some days and she just keeps reeling them in. It's pathetic.

And it pisses us off.

So this morning I had springtime, the lake, fishing and new t-shirts for the demons on the brain. So new fishing designs are up for your viewing and/or purchasing pleasure.

Women Love Big RodsWhy do you fish?I'm a girl - I fish - get over it
Daddy's WormThe Voices Say... Fishing - Way to a Girl's Heart

Professional Marshmallow RoasterJust Roast It

When I get on a roll, I kinda go overboard. Thats one downfall of my "job" - if I'm not in a creative mood, it's hard to come up with ideas for designs and if I do... they turn out like crap and I end up deleting them anyway.

Such is life.

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