Friday, March 14, 2008

Good Morning

It's 5:30 in the fricken morning. One of the downsides of the husband getting up at 2am is the husband gets up at 2am.

Dog starts whining, she has to go outside.

Dog comes in, jumps in bed. When the hell did she get so big?

"Honey, why are my shirts folded?"
"I ran out of hangers"

Kiss on the cheek and away he goes... driving the big truck into the sunrise.

There's no sunrise at 3am. But there is a huge feeling of being upset pissed off when you are lying there in bed realizing that you are in no way going to fall back to sleep.

So upstairs I go to see if the internet functions at 3am. It does, did you know that? People are actually awake at 3am, other than me! Ok, she doesn't count. She lives in the UK. But alas! I hear a voice coming from the end of the hallway....

"Mom, what time is it?"
"in the morning?"

Demon #2 proceeds to get up, get dressed and go downstairs. So she's awake now, too. Great. Crabby kid alert at 6pm tonight!

Oh... and the dogs are now sleeping on my bed.

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