Monday, February 04, 2008

Day #18 and sickly demons

Yep. Day #18. And according to the Chantix Support site I've saved $108. Thats a low number, though because I only put down $4/pack, when they are actually more. And double that because of the husband.


Had Demon #1 home today sick. Yesterday she topped out at a 103.5 temp. I think she'll be home tomorrow, too, again. And 10:30 this morning school called. Went and brought Demon #2 home.

I hate sick bugs. Go away bugs! Shoo fly, don't bother me!

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SledChick said...

That is something else, Kitty! Way to go! (And Trucker too!)

That's really an accomplishment you should brag about all the time.

I bet you've saved more than $216, too, although that's nothing to sneeze at!

Keep it up