Monday, December 03, 2007

Stupid Monday

My head is all stuffed up, I'm sneezing, I'm out of cigarettes and the girls won't wake up for school. I hate Mondays.

I just had a cold about a month or so ago, why am I getting another one? Felt it coming on Friday and I was hoping it would just go away, but it won't! This sucks. I actually wanted to get a bunch of stuff done today around the house and now I just feel like I could lay in bed all day and hibernate.

I think I just might.

Yeah right. Like that will happen. Especially since I have to go out in this -6 degree cold just to get a pack of cigarettes. Good excuse to get some good flavored coffee though. And a candy bar.


Jerinda said...

I hate Mondays too and my last one sucked big time. ((hug))

Heather said...

Miss you around SMW. Hope you are feeling better.