Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ring ring... hello? Is this guitar $59?

We went to Walmart, just got home. Bought a new cordless that tells you who's calling. Actually SPEAKS THE NAME of the person who is calling. Freaky.

Krissy had $45 in Christmas money and she found a guitar for $59. I caved and told her I'd throw in what she didn't have. Her face lit up like a Christmas tree... she was thrilled! I must have heard "thank you Mommy" a dozen times before we went to the check out.
She was all proud to be buying it herself, but her smile literally shattered when the cashier rang it up and it said $109. I looked at Krissy and she was so close to tears. I swear you could hear her heart break.
After explaining to the cashier that the tag [i]said[/i] $59, Jason told me to go back there and check myself (they already called down to the toy dept and they said it was $99). Krissy & I walked back there and right where we got the guitar from it said $59. I pulled the tag out of the shelf - it said it was for an acoustic guitar... I brought the tag up and the tag & the UPC code didn't match. Krissy was so ready to start crying... she wanted this guitar so bad, she's always wanted one since she was probably 4 or 5 years old. We got her one once - just a cheap starter one, but it broke a few years ago.
So anyway, they bring out the manager and you should have seen the smile come back on Krissy's face when they said they were giving us the guitar for $59!
We think the $59 guitar was probably a smaller one that they were sold out of... so the one we brought home really is a $99 one, but thats not what she paid for it!

And now I'm waiting for someone to call me so my phone can tell me who it is.

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