Saturday, December 08, 2007

A Memory of Sex

A couple years ago I was giving Demon #1 the sex talk. I think she was a little disgusted at the whole concept of intercourse... maybe she was a little confused, I don't know. This is the same "brain dead" brain I am talking about - the one in my previous post, but this was before we knew of her brain dead disorder. But, of course, she wasn't a teenager quite yet when this talk was given. Anyway, I'm explaining, pretty simply to her what goes where when a woman gets pregnant. Then this happens, which really threw me for a loop;

"Does it hurt the first time you have sex?"

"Yes, it can and it usually does. But only the first time usually."

"So it hurt when you got pregnant with me?"

*insert a blank stare of a blank mom mind*

"Um... yeah it did"

What else do you say? I didn't need to go into details that I had sex before, right? Then she throws me for another loop;

"So then when you got pregnant with Krissy it didn't hurt that time, right?"

Oh good God!!! This child thought I'd only had sex twice in my life! Keep it simple, Mom, keep it simple....

"Um... nope. Didn't hurt that time"


Kitty said...

Oh god help me! At keast I got a few years to think about possible scenarios.

My Semblance of Sanity said...

I have two of these talk coming up any day!! My two oldest are 1 year apart so I am sure they will come at me together!
Lord help me!!