Monday, December 24, 2007

At last

I suppose I need to make no excuses why this has been set on the back burner recently? It's that time of year... busy, busy, busy! It's Christmas Eve today and there's just a magic feel to the air. I love Christmas. I love the feeling of giving...

A bunch of people got the feeling of giving this year. I have a friend, one of my best friends, who has been in one bad month after another this year. Her husband had a good job, but the place was screwing him out of commissions, then they closed up. He was out of work. Her dad died and she is a bigger Daddy's Girl than I am! Her husband kept looking for work, but the problem is - he's too qualified. How messed up is that? He applied at low-end jobs such as a cashier at Home Depot - the person that was interviewing him basically laughed at him telling him he was more qualified for his job than he was! He did find a job, but a few days later the owners took off out of the country for work related stuff, but shut the doors while they were gone. So he's left waiting - and still looking for something to feed his family in the meantime. Oh yeah, did I mention they have 5 kids? They went to the food shelf, but they only give food, no necessities and a bunch of the food was either close to expiration or already expired. She got a bag of moldy sweet potatoes! Ewwww.
In the middle of all this her dryer, oven, washer & A/C broke. They live in Arizona. The A/C is sorta important. She's been washing clothes in the bathtub! For 7 people!
So a bunch of us who know her online got together - Saturday she received a gift box from one friend. Some food, toys, hygiene stuff. This week she will be getting at least $200 in Walmart gift cards, at least 3 more gift boxes filled with food, toys & needed things and a box full of frozen steaks and other meat from various people.
Funny thing about it all? They don't celebrate Christmas! They sure are this year though thanks to a bunch of friends that are sending love from all over the country!

It's amazing what the magic of Christmas can make happen!

And to all of you - Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or whatever you would prefer me to say to you. I prefer Merry Christmas, so thats what you are getting the most of.


Anonymous said...

OMG I'm in tears! I had no idea you guys were doing this for her!!!

Anonymous said...

There's a whole post about it in Awarded Privileges!