Sunday, November 18, 2007

Worst. Night. Ever.

I could have killed someone last night

I had a headache early on... one of those behind your eyes, where you want to put lotion in your eyes because they feel so dry? Taryn had a friend over, a new one at that... and come to find out she's friends with Krissy's ex-bff Ashley! For some reason this girl wouldn't stop talking about Ashely, either. Was driving me nuts.

(Why Ashley has a friend who is in a different building of the school is beyond me - she's in Elementary, this girl is in Jr High)

Taryn, this friend & Krissy were playing Deal or No Deal (the board game). Krissy was the banker... I was actually in their room for awhile. To pass the time as banker (it's a pretty boring part of the game) Krissy was playing with Taryn's CSI head. It's this model head that you can sculpt clay all over it to make different facial features. Not a big deal. I'm in their room for about 10 minutes - I go out into the garage to have a cigarette and I come back in the house to hear Taryn SCREAMING at the top of her lungs. I go back up there to find Taryn completely flipping out that Krissy is playing with this CSI head. I told Taryn she should have said something 15 minutes ago when Krissy started playing with it. And I know she knew - it's not like a small thing you can hide or anything.

My head is just killing me at this point. I don't know what time it was, but I went to bed. 7:00 maybe? I don't know. Krissy comes into my bed to watch a movie. Fine. Anything to keep the peace. Trying to fall asleep with this child in the bed is like trying to sleep in an earthquake. But my head hurts so bad that I'm actually succeeding. She wakes me up to tell me she's going to bed, Fine. Go! She leaves the TV on...

Then I am awaken at 10:00 by the doorbell - you know how much my dog loves doorbells! Some guy was picking up a sled or something from Jason. We knew this. So for the next 2 hours I've got the dog flipping out that there is a stranger on the property. I'm still going in and out of consciousness.

Then I have this messed up dream that some kid is telling a mom that her daughter is living in the dark in a mausoleum and then the water in the pool next to it turns to blood and starts shooting out bloody water at everyone while this mother is yelling at this kid that her daughter is dead and is not living in this building.

Chico starts barking again and I hear the garage door. I look at the clock. 11:45. Good God. I go out in the garage and half way beat the dog to go outside and threaten that he is sleeping out there. I have a cigarette and Jason & I go to bed. My head still hurts so Jason gives me some Tylenol and rubs my neck because he can't find the Activon, which I found in the drawer in the bathroom this morning.

Oh... the movie on TV was Stir of Echos. The dead girl is buried behind a brick wall and she's afraid of the dark.

I finally get to sleep, but the night sucked. I still have a headache. And the girl that stayed over is in Taryn's room coughing. Great.

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Jerinda said...

I'm sorry you had a rough night. I hope that you are feeling better today.