Wednesday, October 17, 2007


If anyone is curious if the shoes were ever found - they were. After spending probably an hour of my day on Monday looking for these shoes, it did finally come to an end. Demon #2 came home from school and her first words were "did you find my shoes?"


"Did you check at Grandpa's?"

"Why would they be at Grandpa's? Didn't you wear your shoes home?"

"I don't know"

So later on it was time for her to go to Karate, so on the way we stopped at Grandpa's and I had her go in and check to see if her shoes were there while I stayed in the car.

It's more like I made her go in. She didn't want to. "Why don't you go check?"

"They aren't my shoes"

No shoes at Grandpa's. So we continue our journey to the high school for her Karate class. I'm doing the logical thing - backtracking her steps.

"Did you wear them to bowling on Saturday"

"Oh yeah, they are in your bowling bag" Now mind you, she says this like its the most natural thing - like she knew all along. She might as well said "duh Mom".

I then had to explain to her that she cannot wear my bowling shoes (hey, we wear the same size shoe, why should I buy her her own bowling shoes - only to lose them?) outside of the bowling alley! How many parents check their child's feet when they leave somewhere?

So when I got home from bringing her to Karate, I looked in the bowling bag. There they were. Were my bowling shoes should have been. And the bowling shoes? On the floor of the car. She switched into her sandals, which were in the car - that she lost the week before and couldn't find - when I picked her up from bowling on Saturday.

And no, I didn't even notice that my bowling shoes were on the floor when I checked the car during the day. It's a mom thing, get over it. I was looking for tennis shoes, not bowling shoes.

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