Monday, October 01, 2007

Put out the cigarettes

Today Minnesota starts the statewide smoking ban. Yippee. That is sarcasm, by the way. I don't like smoking bans. True, I'm a smoker, but I am a smoker who can handle not smoking if I can't, thats not the issue. I don't eat out much and I don't go to bars, so this isn't effecting me at all. What I don't like is the fact that this happened. When did we become a country where the government can force every business owner in the state to NOT do something that is legal. If smoking was illegal it would be a whole different story, but it's legal to smoke a cigarette. Why not just leave it up to each individual business owner? Non-smokers - and smokers who choose - would find those establishments and go there. Advertise yourself as being a non-smoking establishment. They will come.
I noticed last week that our local bowling alley is now advertising being non-smoking. I'm sure the non-smokers love seeing that in the ad - but it's wasted space, isn't it? It's a law now, dummy. Use that space to advertise 1/2 off bowling or something.
It's just a rights thing - I don't like rights taken away. I hate bannings. Ban this, ban that. It's not really American in my book. I find it funny that they will ban cigarettes, something legal, but they are still trying to figure out a way for illegal immigrants to stay in the country. Sort of backasswards, isn't it?
I guess I just wonder what is next. No cell phones in shopping malls? Sounds silly, doesn't it? Well, they irritate me. I can't stand it when someone, who is obviously by themselves, is standing next to me and suddenly starts talking. You would assume they were talking to me, but noooo, they are talking to an invisible person that only they can see. Irritating.
Ok, bring up the health issue. Well, it could be unhealthy. That person is driving me mentally insane and that is now considered a health issue. Or... the people who are so into their phone call that they don't watch where they are going - health issue to me if they run into me and I break a leg or something. It's a danger to me. So ban them.
I can't stand drunk people either and that is why I don't go to bars. Maybe they should ban alcohol so I can start going into bars again. Health issue? Of course it is! Don't make me explain that one....
I'm now going to go out into my garage to have a cigarette. At least I can do that until they tell me there's no smoking allowed in my own garage.

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