Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cough, sniffle, pass the Kleenex.

Today marks the 8th day of this damn cold that I have. I'm sick of it. Last night I woke up so many times with a coughing fit and that's the first time I've actually had coughing fits this week. Otherwise it's just a stuffy head/nose and just plain feeling like crap.
A bunch of women & I were supposed to go to the Renaissance Festival today but I'm not going because of this and I don't think anyone else is going because it's supposed to rain all day. But still, it sucks. I said already on Friday that if this wasn't gone I wasn't going. Then Friday my ear started hurting! Ack. I hate it.
Luckily I seem to be the only one sick in the family. I added Vit. C pills to the girls' pill containers last weekend so they've been taking that all week with their other pills. Maybe that's helping them not get this, I don't know.

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