Monday, March 02, 2009

Have I Ever--

Have You Ever-- (stolen from Nurseexec, but she said I could!)

1. Jumped out of an airplane? Why in sam hell would anyone ever want to seriously do this? Not me. I never have and I won't. Unless, of course, someone throws a peanut butter cup out the window. Then I might think about it.

2. Won something? I won like $75 at a raffle one time. Actually I've won a few raffles, but that was the largest one. I've won on a few scratch offs before. Oh! And I won a Toby Keith CD from his website a few years ago.

3. Moved away from your home town? My parents moved us away when I was younger, but we ended up back here. I moved away... a couple miles down the road... during my "finding myself" years. I ended up back here, imagine that.

4. Been in the hospital? Well yeah... I spent a lot of time in one when my dad was going through that shit a couple years ago. But me personally? Having my 2 kids was the only major hospital visit. Well, unless you wanna count the couple hours in the ER when I had my motorcycle accident in my teen years and the other time when my ex-husband thought it would be a wonderful idea to slam a radio into my head.

5. Grown your own vegetables? I had a garden once. One day I went out and it was doing ok, the next day I went out and the green beans had taken over the whole damn garden. I've tried growing tomatoes here in town, but I find it much easier just to walk over to my parents house and help myself to thiers.

6. Stayed up all night? Yeah, a few times. I don't particularly care for it and it tends to give me a headache. I need my sleep. I'm not this beautiful for nothing... beauty sleep, people, beauty sleep! I think the last time was maybe 5 or so years ago. There was this time that my bestest friend & I stayed up really late, but I think we eventually went to sleep to catch a nap before the kids woke up.

7. Gone swimming in the ocean? Yep I have. I find it very cold and scary, though. There's sharks in those waters.

8. Been out of the country? Just a few feet into Canada... my dad got pissed off at the searching of our van at the border and we turned around. True story. But he did turn to me and say "well now you can say you've been to Canada". Thanks, Dad.

9. Played a video game? LOL Yeah. My best friend in high school used to spend
hours playing on her Nintendo. Then when the demons were little we had a Sega and I would play hours of Road Rash - good times!

10. Been chased by an animal? Just my dogs.

11. Cheated on someone? Can I skip this question? I was a bad girl....

12. Been to a theme park? Disneyworld & I guess Valleyfair counts too. My dream was to meet Mickey Mouse and I did! It was great. I turned into a 5 year old in 2.2 seconds.

13. Played Scrabble? I wanna know who hasn't, thats my question.

14. Colored your hair? I don't even know my real hair color anymore. I think I've colored my hair every color besides black.

15. Gotten in trouble over something you said or did on the internet? Not really. Well, maybe. Who are we getting in trouble with? Be more specific, people! I have gotten banned from a forum or two in my life. That was fun.


CarolinaDreamz said...

If you loved DisneyWorld, you need to make it to DisneyLAND. The real place of magic. :)

I have been to Valley Fair.. I only remember the cut apples with caramel sauce. Isn't that awful?

The Atlantic Ocean, in the South, is warmer, in the summer, than is real comfy, sometimes.. like bath water warm! Big difference for my Cali blood.

You are braver, than I, to answer these questions. Have a great night! ~Heidi @

Amber said...

I will never jump out of a plane.
Funny how we usually end up back where we started.
I think I'd be more excited to Ariel or some other princess :o)

Jodi said...

You should have just said "blah, blah, blah" for the cheating question. LOL!