Monday, August 04, 2008

Waterball fight, anyone?

My friend, Debbie, is a business owner in our city. She comes up with these bright ideas every now and then, which always involves roping others into whatever the plan is.

This year it was a water ball fight. A water ball fight is where you take a fireman's water hose and try to push a ball on a steel cable over to the other teams side ... oh yeah, you are fighting against other businesses on this.

This is one of the bigger events in our town's annual festival. Why people want to come watch a bunch of people who have never even touched a water hose in their life make fools out of themselves and get completely drenched, is beyond me, but they do.

And I suppose it's kinda fun.

I'm the 3rd in line in this 2nd picture, with demon #2 in the back behind me. (yep, she got roped into this, too!) My sister-in-law is in the front and the culprit who did this to us all is 2nd in line.

I have a feeling we'll do this again next year!

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