Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Land of the Lost movie?

Be serious. Are writers having that hard of a time coming up with new ideas that they have to take old shows and try to redo them? I have gotten over the horrible remake of the Dukes of Hazzard... sort of. I still get angry when I see the movie.... that was just one show that shouldn't be made fun of. Not that one.

Anyway, so now they are doing The Land of the Lost. A lot of people either 1. never seen the original 70's version of the show 2. don't remember it or 3. saw it, remember it and won't admit to it. I saw it, loved it and still have nightmares about it. Looking back at the show now, it was horrible - the acting sucked and the special effects were laughable. I tried to get Demon #1 & #2 to watch it one day and they couldn't believe we watched stuff like that as a kid. I think one of them said something to the effect of "wasn't there anything good on when you were a kid?", but that WAS good. For the 70's anyway. The show rocked.

Don't redo it, WTF are you people thinking? Come up with new movies - leave the classics alone! The worst part about it all is that Will Farrell is playing Rick Marshall. That just makes my skin crawl. Land of the Lost was NOT a comedy. It had its humor, but it wasn't a comedy.

If they ever redo the Buggaloos or Sigmund, all of my childhood memories will be crushed.

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