Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday Thunks Version 7.31 - My answers

I'm going to tackle my own Thursday Thunk... all the letters of my name (mixed up) used to describe myself.

Really good at doing nothing. It's an art form... everyone should try it.
Loves animals. Thats sorta obvious though, isn't it?
Loves her children. Ok, I guess I'll throw them in too. I do love them. But don't tell them that.
Learned how to play pool before I started school... in a bar. Cool fact, huh?
Exceptional. In what, who knows! LOL
Early riser. Hate to waste the day.
Even though I might sound like a bitch, I'm really not.
Enough with the E's already! I'm not very patient....
Kind hearted... probably to a fault.
Necro... oops. Nevermind on that one. Nuts. Thats my REAL answer!
Bears. I collect them. Not real ones, though.
Peanut Butter!!! I LOVE peanut butter. Peanut Butter cups, peanut butter over ice cream, peanut butter flavored ice cream....
Home. I love home... there's really no need to leave it. I'm safe within the walls of my home (see "N")
Oh brother. What a hard letter. Brothers... I have 3 of them! (and a sister, but there are no S's in my name, but I didn't use B for brothers either, I used an O because I couldn't think of anything else.)
Nighttime... bad time. It's dark and I can't see in the dark (seriously - from an accident), so when it's nighttime, I'm sleeping!
Always thinking of others. Another fault of mine.


Kimber said...

Well done!

Kittilicious said...

*takes a bow*

thank you... thank you

Rae said...

Interesting. I would never think of anything like that, I think I'm too lazy.