Friday, April 18, 2008

Photo Friday (my 1st one!) - Cold

I found another one... Photo Friday. Like I needed another one, huh?

This one took awhile for me to find something. The challenge this week is cold. Since we are now getting into the 60s everyday and all of our snow from last week's 12+ inches snowstorm is a memory, I'd have a hard time finding something cold. So I went back into time... before I had a decent camera, so forgive the quality of the picture. Demon #2 is about 6 years old here (she's 11 now) and this is at the lake near our house. She's always hated the cold and this day was no exception. And it doesn't help that she took after me when it comes to things on her feet. Ice skates, rollerblades... doesn't matter. Our feet were meant to be flat on the ground. So she did a lot of standing around on the ice that day... in fear that she would (more than likely) fall.

And you know what? Now all of a sudden I just thought of two different ideas for cold. I just might have to come back and edited this...

... no, I gotta wait 10 minutes until I can get the demons out of bed anyway, so I'll go do it now.

Ok the one didn't turn out as I'd wanted it to... I tried to take a picture of a bag of old pancakes in the freezer that had ice crystals in it. Couldn't get it to turn out right... so I left it. True, nobody is going to eat them because they are old, but they fill that little space in the freezer so I leave it. Plus it was like 7 feet to walk to the garbage can and thats... you know, too far.

I can use that excuse, my kids do!

Feel free to grab that idea and then let me know if you posted a pic of it! I'd love to see it.

Here is the other idea I had... a cold cat. I shaved Big Boy the other day because he gets to the point that his fur is so thick that I just shave it. Plus it helps with my itchy eyes! LOL I shave one of the other cats, too, but thats because he hates to be brushed. Big Boy loves it, but it's hard to keep up with his coat. So the first couple days after I shave him - he's cold. Not freezing, just cold. Or maybe he's just mad at me, who knows.


Lesley said...

Oh poor poor kitty.....

I do that too with items in the freezer..... lol

Anonymous said...

Poor Poor Big Boy! XXOO I'm gonna come and kitty nap him!!


Kathy said...

Hi I just wandered into your blog while browsing and I love how you stepped out of the box with this one. Even though your demon cat looks pissed! ;)

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