Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wordless Wednesday version 4.23

My throat hurts... thats wordless, right?

Today I decided to grab a picture from a few years back. This one isn't Saki, the golden that fills the pages of this blog now. This is Max, who isn't even a golden retriever, believe it or not. He was a German Shepard mix. Mix with a retriever, I'm sure, although the farm I got him from said it was a lab mix. Yeah right. His mom was Shepard though.. Max became quite close with a Rottweiler we had and they had a litter of puppies. Max threw some Shepard ones into the mix LOL

Max was my "first born", thats what I called him. I got him when he was 8 weeks old, before I had children of my own. I answered an ad in the paper that was for German Shepard puppies. I've always wanted a Shepard. I went to this farm and there were a lot of pure black pups, some brown, nothing that caught my attention. The owners said there was a puppy missing, that it was usually off on its own.

Thats when this big ball of golden fur crawled out from underneath a shed door. His legs were so short and he was such a puffball that you couldn't see his legs when he ran. He was running right towards me... and stopped right in my arms. Maxwell found me that day and he was by my side for over 11 years when I had to make the painful decision to put him down. He was my baby, my best friend and no matter how hard Saki tries, she will never take Max's place. She tries to give me "Max hugs"; puts her paws up on my shoulders and I say "No Saki, no Max hugs! Only Max gave Max hugs!". So she's learned that "Saki hugs" are just digging her nose between my neck and shoulders.

She will not fill that place Maxwell has in my heart.

Anyway, the reason for this picture is because Big Boy & Max were the best of buds. Saki is pretty hyper with the cats now, but we are noticing that BB is getting more tolerant everyday. Yesterday the husband caught BB getting a tongue bath from Saki and made no motion to get out of the situation.

Does BB remember Max? Who knows... thats always a question I've wondered about animals. Some people say they don't have memories. I just don't know if I can believe that or not. But, if they do, I wonder if BB sees something familiar in Saki and is hoping that, maybe, he can get his best bud back through her?


Neen said...

Awww so nice they get along.

KC said...

Love that they get along.
Happy WW

SledChick said...

Our best dog was Zeke, who had to be put down after being hit on Christmas day three years ago. Our option was put him down, or have one leg completely amputated and another partially--and that was before looking for internal injuries. He would have hated life like that, so we had to let him go.

The next dog was a disaster, attacked my husband the next year on Christmas Eve, and so he went too. Now we have a nice little lad mix who's working out very well and proving to be a nice, loving, smart dog.

But still, especially to Bill, she'll never be a Zeke. We love her and she's a good girl, but Zeke was Bill's one great dog of a lifetime--which we're told you only get one of (also our pre-children dog). Turtle will be a great dog, but Bill is like you, and can't help comparing her to Zeke.

Well thanks, Kitti. Now my throat hurts, too!

Kittilicious said...

The husband makes comments like "she's gonna be a better dog than Max" because she's so smart and I've snapped at him, "she will NEVER be better than Max!"... it's funny, actually, I will almost say it with tears in my eyes because there is seriously a part of me that won't LET Saki be better than Max.

shutter happy jenn said...

Wow.... your pets look gorgeous. They're like bestfriends.

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storyteller said...

Thanks for visiting Small Reflections this morning and leaving the link back here. I love this photo of your kitty and dog together. Mine ‘tolerate’ one another but will probably never be ‘friends’ … though I do what I can to ‘encourage’ friendship. I enjoyed learning a bit more about you and your ‘fur-friends’ this morning and am delighted to find someone else who can be ‘wordy’ on Wednesdays. Many of MY ‘wordless’ posts are anything but too!
Hugs and blessings,

Maya said...

that's called, harmony.. they are both so cute together.
Happy WW!

Cindy Swanson said...

How sweet! The lion lying down with the lamb. :)

Marsha said...

I love this... I just can't get a good shot of my cat and dog together. If they are well posed, my camera is not handy, if my camera is near they are not cooperating! Just like kids!

Have a great week and please join me here for my WW post if you can:

Just Some Thoughts

janeser28 said...

nice photo!
happy ww!!

Denise at Parenting Teens said...

They are so cute, mine go at each other all the time! Great WW post.

Princess said...

That's what I call perfect harmony!!!
So sweeet!!!!

Mary Beth said...

It's so nice when you get peace between the species! What a great shot.