Saturday, January 12, 2008

Day 1 on the Quit Smoking road

The husband & I both got a prescription for Chantix yesterday. It's that new quit-smoking drug that seems to be the drug of all drugs. You take the pills for a week before you actually quit - it's really interesting. Supposedly the cigs will start tasting like shit before your week is up. We'll see... I take my 1st pill today.

Official "Quit Day" is the 19th.

I started smoking when I was 15. Heck, it might have been the end of 14, I'm not sure. 15 for sure. I'm 35 now. Easy math, I can figure that one out! It's depressing though - 20 years of smoking. Yikes. Yep, I think it's time to quit. I'm already having trouble breathing a lot and I've always got crud in my lungs.

My mom died of coronary heart disease at the age of 46. I was 5 days away from 8 years old. I had a hard time when the demons were 7-8 years old, I really did. Funny how that works. My oldest brother is past 46 and he told me that he had a very hard time with being 46. If he could make 47 he'd be ok.

My dad is 72 now and has COPD, Emphysema and has an oxygen tank in the house for when he needs it. He smoked for 60 years (yes, he started at age 12 - a prescription from a doctor, believe it or not! For hay fever!) and I believe he is about 2 weeks of being smoke-free thanks to this Chantix.

My bestest friend in the whole world is on her first week of being smoke-free. Yea Misikins!

One of the side effects is changes in dreaming... I already remember most of my dreams and some of them are way out there...

...a litter of raccoons were sleeping in my slippers last night.....

....I can just imagine what sort of things I'll be dreaming about now!

So bear with me over the next few weeks, it could be a bumpy road. I'm sure most of this blog will be about smoking for awhile now so if you wanna skip it for a few weeks - I'll understand.

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