Thursday, November 01, 2007


Really I was left in bed. He wasn't even going to say goodbye, just gave me a kiss while I was asleep and was going to sneak out without me knowing. Before work it's one thing, but he's going to be gone for 4 days. I did wake up, obviously, which is a good thing because he almost forgot to bring pillows along on his 4-day trip across 2 states to go to the Michigan A-1 Snowmobile Show. He's going to sleep in the truck to save on money, so he needs his pillows. Would have been a rough couple nights without them!

So here I sit. Jealous. I wanna go! I could have, but then someone would have had to deal with Demon #1 & #2. Not that big of an issue, really, but me not going was cheaper. I really wanted to go to meet some of the people who don't make it over to the MN & WI shows. I really like going to the snowmobile shows - it's a good crowd of people that attend them.

Oh well. I'm not in the truck so I won't be there. Hope everyone has fun anyway.

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