Friday, November 09, 2007

GROUP HUG! Oh wait, it's breaking rules.

Did you hear about that 13 year old that got detention for hugging her friend goodbye the other day? It wasn't even a real hug! It was a sideways hug at that. This country is going to hell or maybe we are in hell, I don't know. Detention for hugging? Give me a fricken break. Sexual harassment - where do people come up with this shit? How about these hug-police walk around the school and start handing out detention for more meaningful things...

Lets see, how about name-calling? Teasing? Pushing? Downright rudeness to your fellow classmates? Nope. They can't seem to do that and trust me, I know from personal experience. Demon #2 has shown me the light on what other kids can get away with... but don't hug anyone.

Jesus help us all.

That whole story had me in a tizzy all day yesterday. I just fumed at the thought of it. I could say so much about it, but it would all basically be the same crap. Thats what it is, crap.

And crap is what I heard last night. Demon #1 got in trouble yesterday at school. No detention or anything, but her and her friends got a good talking to...


a group hug at lunchtime!

Yes. A group hug. In our school. The school that still sings Silent Night and Hear Comes Santa Claus at the CHRISTMAS program has fallen into the no-hugging bullcrap.

Maybe they should have yelled at each other, maybe that would have been acceptable. But no hugs. Nope. Don't show friendship or caring or loving or compassion.

Ok I'm done. I have dust to terminate.


Melissa said...

That is crazy. It's sad how kids can actually do things that should be punishable for but a hug?

Kitty said...

We are in hell.... lol
Seriously,if this ia ll the school can conectrate on I'd like to know what they look the other way at..