Friday, November 02, 2007

Good God Almighty I'm Going To Do Some Bodily Harm To Someone

Seriously... OMG I am so *bleeping* pissed right now I could spit nails. I decide to try to cheer my Bear (Demon #2 - sorry, I'm in Mama Bear mode, so no demon talk right now) up and let the girls rent movies & get some Subway for dinner.

Long story - her bff/only friend "returned" all of her half of the best friend stuff they had to Krissy today along with a note that said "I don't want to be your friend anymore"... no explanation. Nothing. Not a *bleep* clue to why she decided this. My Bear came home in tears with a busted heart and I felt like ripping this girls heart out of her chest and stomping on it just so she could *bleeping* feel what Krissy was feeling.

Ok so anyway. We each pick out a movie... go up to the counter.

"Do you have your card"

*bleep*. I know where this is going already.


"Well you can't rent movies without your card"

"Can't you just look it up on your system by my name or phone number?"

"No, we need the card"

"Can you give me a new card? I have no clue where it is"

"No, we can't"

"Can I open a new account then?"

"No, only one account per family"

Oh shut the *bleep* up you stupid *bleep* ugly *bleep*. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH I hate her so bad. She REFUSES to rent movies without the *bleep* card.

So we leave. We go to the other convenience store that has the SAME *bleep* *bleep* SYSTEM as the other place. I walk in, walk up to the counter and say "I'm going to ask you this before I make another move...."

Poor girl probably thought I was going to rob the place.

"... if I don't have my precious little card to rent a movie, will you still let me?"

"Yeah, we just look it up by your last name"

I KNEW IT! God. That stupid *bleep* at that other place I just want to beat. I told the girl what happened at the other place and she said they have heard that many times.

So we got our movies .... the same ones we wanted even and my Bear is in a better mood. I can see she's faking it though, but at least she's trying. She got off the bus, went straight to her room and the floodgates let loose... she'd been holding this all in all day. All week actually, the "gifts" were returned today, but the note was given Tuesday or Wednesday I guess. Krissy was hoping Ashley didn't mean it, but she knew today when she got "their turtle" back that she meant it.

Tomorrow I'm going to go into the first place and tell them my house burnt to the ground with my precious, cheaply made, laminated card with my lifeline ID typed crooked on the back of it... and tell them that I am sorry that I can no longer do business with them.


Heather said...

Lol. I love your writing style girl!
Love how you have your blog set up too, any chance in showing another mom the ropes on that.
BTW, pop yourself into SMW more!

Jerinda said...

Poor Krissy. That really sucks for her.

The movie thing is ridiculous too.

Melissa said...

Okay what the heck at the movie rental place! That girl needs to learn how to do her job! And sorry to hear about Krissy. I hope she cheers up soon.