Thursday, November 08, 2007

Crickets are chirping

I really don't have much to say the past couple days, do I? Nothing really worth reading/posting, thats for sure!

It's been a pretty laid back week so far. Worked on my shops yesterday and made chow mien for supper. Ok, I didn't actually make it - I just opened the can and threw it in a pot and watched it heat up. Tomorrow I'm making chicken noodle soup, so I'm making up for it. Yes, tomorrow. Today I have to boil the chicken. Good things take more than one day to cook. My vegtable beef soup is the same way - 2 days to make. I think it's the meat sitting in the broth overnight that is the trick, I'm not sure.

Calling a guy about a seat today. My seat. For my snowmobile. How cool is that? I still can't get over how excited I am getting over having my own Interceptor and being able to do what I want with it. I'm hoping this guy will take the seat, fix it and add a hot pink "cord" around the seam of the seat. Not much pink, just enough to keep the men off of it. For any of you snowmobile nuts that have been reading this blog - keep coming back. I'll be posting pictures of the transformation of Interceptor to 'Ceptorlicious. Don't get upset... you'll be amazed.

Why would they be upset? It's a man thing. And it's a Kawasaki thing. See, Kawasaki quit making snowmobiles in the early 80's. Actually, they only made them a few years. Well, in 1982 they made the Interceptor, which is gold to Kawasaki owners. It's what everyone wants and few people have. There were only 600 of them made. So it's kind of a big deal that I have one.... and when some of the Kawasaki crazy people found out that I was taking an Interceptor and "painting it pink" it was like I was defacing the cross at the local church. Yeah, it's that big of a deal. Luckily I've got the husband behind me on this. But the majority of the project is secret .... just because. Its fun watching all these guys cringe at the thought of a hot pink Interceptor.

So onto other things. Demon #2's "friend" was talking to her on Tuesday when they went back to school from a 3-day weekend. Then yesterday - she wasn't. Mama Bear feelings fired up again.

And thats enough of that or I'll get pissed again.

Today is a day of laundry, sweeping and designing. Told you there isn't much to talk about lately.

Stay tuned... maybe something exciting will happen today. Who knows.


Melissa said...

Can't wait to see your slightly pink snowmobile! When will it be all finished?

Kitty said...

Oh not for awhile... Jason has another sled he needs to get done first. It will maybe be ready next winter! LOL

Heather said...

I can't wait to see the pink snowmobile either Berleen. How fast can it go?

Kitty said...

Just under 100 I suppose... we'll see. The husband will have to see what it will top out at, I won't! LOL